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This page collates resources and advice for those participating in assessments of Schools of Sanctuary applications.

Key Considerations

Appraisal teams should consist of three or more people and we expect that at least one person has lived experience of seeking sanctuary in the UK. We also encourage the involvement at least one member of the local City of Sanctuary group, or, if not available, a member of staff from City of Sanctuary UK.

The Process

  1. Review the Application: We suggest that after having received an application, all members of the team review the application individually before coming together to review the application against the minimum criteria. This includes checking that the school has signed a supporting organisation pledge with City of Sanctuary for criterion 6. The appraisal team can identify strengths and areas for improvement and should offer constructive feedback to the applicant school. This feedback can then be shared with the applicant school and include any questions to clarify aspects of the application and evidence fulfilment of the minimum criteria.
  2. Conduct an Appraisal Visit/Meeting: We encourage the appraisal team to follow-up the application review with a meeting or visit to the school. Here, the school can respond to the questions and feedback outlined in the appraisal form and share additional evidence. The team should use this visit to talk to students and staff from across the school to learn about their involvement in the process of becoming a School of Sanctuary and what this means.
  3. Come to a Decision: After the visit/meeting, the appraisal team can decide whether the school has met the minimum criteria and therefore can be recognised as a School of Sanctuary. If further evidence is needed, discuss with the school the timeframe and what evidence the appraisal team is looking for. If successful, you can award the school with the School of Sanctuary certificate and awarded logo which they should display on their school website and communication and within school. The Schools of Sanctuary UK Team should be notified and the school should be encouraged to publicly celebrate. 
Appraisal Form
Application Review Powerpoint