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Lockdown learning can be really difficult if your parents don’t speak the language, or if they are burdened with other issues. A lack of resources, such as computer devices, wifi and artistic materials, can also be a barrier to success. It is also important to be mindful that isolation can be felt more acutely by those without other support networks such as family around them, and for those who have had to leave their homes and settle somewhere new.
We appreciate how difficult it is to teach and study during the lockdown. Though we are hopeful that the pandemic will end, distanced learning is likely to continue for there foreseeable future. As such we are keen to share resources and celebrate best practice during this time.

If you have anything to share please get in touch.

The Hope Virtual School

The Hope virtual school in Bristol has been able to help students with their English despite the lockdown, via online learning, extra resources and an app. Read more here.

Covid Advice for Parents and Carers

Calderdale Council have put together some video advice for parents and carers about the return to school after lockdown.

Outwood Primary Academy Greystone Celebrates Refugee Week 2020.. virtually!

Staff at Greystone felt it was imperative to celebrate this year, regardless of Covid-19 implications and being mindful of the fact that many families may be facing hardships during these unprecedented times. Read more here.