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Getting involved with national campaigns in support of people seeking sanctuary is a fantastic way for students to develop their awareness of the challenges people seeking sanctuary experience within the UK and work to improve them. In doing so, students can develop as socially-aware active citizens who feel confident taking steps to support people who are currently disadvantaged. Campaign activities also often give students opportunities to share their thoughts, develop their public-speaking skills and reflect on how they can make a difference.


Campaigns to Get Involved With

Together With Refugees is a coalition of organisations and people from all walks of life
who believe in treating refugees with care and compassion. We are calling for a kinder,
fairer and more effective approach to supporting refugees in the UK. This campaign is in response to the Nationality and Borders Bill currently going through parliament.

To help you get involved, we have developed a schools’ information and activity pack.

For inspiration, have a look at some of the news and case stories of how schools have shown their support:

Schools’ Solidarity with People Seeking Sanctuary

Birmingham Schools of Sanctuary – Valentine’s Day Cards to MPs campaign featured in the press

Together with Refugees Campaign – Halesowen College

Schools take their Orange Hearts to the Library of Birmingham


Families Together is a coalition of over 90 organisations in the UK who are campaigning together to change the refugee family reunion rules. Right now, many refugees, including refugee children, are denied the right to be with the people they love by needlessly strict UK laws. Such rules are leaving vulnerable people isolated, traumatised and alone.

To help you get involved, we have collated teaching and learning resources, suggested activities and more: Schools Show Support for #FamiliesTogether


Lift the Ban is a 250-member strong coalition of charities, trade unions, businesses, faith groups and think tanks campaigning to overturn the Government’s ban on people seeking asylum being able to work. It’s not just nonsensical, the ban is harmful to everyone involved. It takes the toughest toll on people seeking asylum, but the UK economy also misses out on tax revenue and much-needed specialists by leaving people frozen in poverty. The time has come to #LiftTheBan.