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Musical resources for primary school children and Refugee week

Caroline Hoile​ of Grumpy Sheep Music for primary education has returned from volunteering in a refugee camp in Greece and says that she is “more determined than ever to raise awareness about people seeking sanctuary and would be more than happy to speak about my experience or music should you ever need a presentation.”
Caroline is promoting two resources for schools to use during Refugee Week:
The first resource – a song children (or anybody who enjoys singing) may enjoy performing for Refugee Week is called ‘One World to Share.’ It’s upbeat, celebratory and very catchy and was written for Refugee Week 2016.

The song shares the message that every person matters; we’re all people with hopes, dreams and similar needs, living in one world which we need to share with each other.

The second resource is a brand new musical called ‘As Free As A Bird’ – of which ‘One World to Share’ is the signature song. Caroline decided to write this musical for primary schools to raise awareness about refugees amongst children – and their wider audiences. Although it’s a serious topic, the musical is engagingly written for children as an adventure story, in a way they can identify with and understand. There’s lots of singing and dancing, too – and it does have a happy ending! Schools or drama groups may enjoy performing this at any time – but it would be especially meaningful during Refugee Week or the Platforma Festival in October this year.
Caroline has invited schools to sing ‘One World to Share’ for Refugee week and/or  perform ‘As Free As A Bird’ during the Platforma festival this October and can be contacted via  twitter ,  facebook  or her website.
Although these resources are not free, we think some schools of sanctuary may be interested to know about them.