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Use the Audit Tool to review what your school has done already to meet the minimum criteria and identify areas for improvement. 

Make an action plan based on what you have identified.

It is not compulsory to use this audit – this tool is purely to help you make a plan for your school to meet the criteria and identify examples to include in the application form. 

All schools must complete an application form evidencing fulfilment of the eight minimum criteria under the Learn, Embed and Share processes. This can be accompanied by a portfolio of evidence which may include lesson plans, newsletters, photos and testimonials from students, staff and governors and more. Read the guidance for completing an application form for further support. 

When you are confident you have met the criteria, this application form (and evidence) can be submitted to your Local Lead for review.

Example Applications

*Please note that details in the applications may have been anonymised with links removed in line with GDPR and confidentiality requirements.

Typically, applications are also accompanied by an evidence portfolio – this might be an online folder with examples of lesson plans, school policies, photos, students’ work, students’ testimonies and more that are hyper-linked to details within the application, or it may appear in different formats, such as a Powerpoint Presentation. See the application guidance for further details.

Schools may receive an appraisal form sharing feedback on their application after the appraisal team has reviewed their application. This is often followed by a meeting/visit where the school can respond to the feedback and fill any gaps that have been identified, in addition to sharing their plans for the future more widely.

Always talk with your Schools of Sanctuary Local Lead or Contact to learn about local application and appraisal processes before getting started – there are some differences from area to area.

Primary School Applications

Secondary School Applications