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We all have a part to play in building a welcoming and inclusive society.

We are a growing network of more than 1000 primary and secondary schools, nurseries and sixth forms all committed to creating a culture of welcome, understanding and belonging for those forced to flee.

Driven by teachers, school staff, parents, governors and community groups, this network supports the thousands of children and young people seeking sanctuary in the UK, raises awareness of the experiences of people seeking safety, and plays a key role in building a culture of kindness and compassion.⁣

The Schools of Sanctuary programme aims to advise, support and inspire schools to achieve these goals – this website, our half-termly newsletter, shared mailing list, regular events and the unique opportunities we develop are available to any school that wishes to learn more and get involved.

Want to become an awarded School of Sanctuary?

More than 450 schools across the UK have earned the School of Sanctuary award in recognition of their efforts.

If there is an accredited Local Lead in your area, your school can work towards the award and be supported every step of the way by your local contact and the wider Schools of Sanctuary programme.

Interested in joining this movement of welcome?

Sign the pledge and see the next steps.

If based in the Republic of Ireland, please visit the Schools of Sanctuary Ireland website.

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