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Global Refugee Forum Pledge – Schools say Welcome

Pledge your schools commitment to a culture of welcome as part of the Global Refugee Forum which will take place in Geneva from 16-18 December.

City of Sanctuary is encouraging all current and aspiring Schools of Sanctuary to support a pledge being led by the Refugee Support Network and UNICEF in the lead up to the Global Refugee Forum which marks one year since the United Nations General Assembly agreed the Global Compact for Refugees.

This important international agreement affirmed a global commitment to creating a stronger, fairer response to the growing numbers of refugees with a clear focus on importance of inclusive national education systems and minimising the time refugee children spend out of school. The Global Refugee Forum is an invaluable opportunity to turn this commitment into concrete action.

City of Sanctuary supports the Refugee Support Network and Unicef’s  efforts to get UK schools and colleges to be a part of this historic and important moment and pledge their support to welcoming refugees.

There is still time to sign the pledge until December 11. 

City of Sanctuary has also been working with Student Action for Refugees on a similar pledge for universities and we are delighted that 30 Vice-Chancellors have signed up to the pledge to improve access to Higher Education in the UK for people seeking sanctuary.