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Refugee Week 2021

Refugee Week 2021 runs from 14th-20th June and has the theme of “We Cannot Walk Alone”. This page hopes to inspire and guide you as you consider how your school can recognise and participate in Refugee Week this year.

Given the theme of this year’s Refugee Week, we propose some questions to help you reflect on the best ways in which your school can get involved in Refugee Week:

  • How can you reach and welcome people who are seeking sanctuary into your school?
  • How can you partner meaningfully with an organisation that works with people seeking sanctuary to support their mission?
  • What actions can you take or which campaigns can you support to help promote a welcoming environment for people seeking sanctuary in the UK?
  • What activities/ learning can help students put themselves in the shoes of a person seeking sanctuary and better understand the diversity of experiences and the challenges they face?
  • How can you involve the broader school community (parent/carers, governors, the local community) in your activities for Refugee Week?


Schools of Sanctuary Refugee Week Event (Recording)

As a starting point, we encourage you to watch the recording of the Schools of Sanctuary “Refugee Week at your School” event hosted by Refugee Week. Here, different speakers and attendees discussed and shared a variety of resources and ideas on how to recognise Refugee Week at school.


Upcoming Events

A Day of Welcome (Norfolk Schools of Sanctuary)

An event on the 11th June to help inspire schools with different activities and share resources that may be used. Some great ideas on learning about local migration histories in particular. Learn more here and register here.

What is a School of Sanctuary? (Schools of Sanctuary Team – City of Sanctuary UK)

An online event on the 29th June for schools to learn more about becoming a School of Sanctuary and embedding welcome, inclusion and awareness in school year-round. Existing Schools of Sanctuary will share their experiences and activities to demonstrate the diversity of contexts and approaches to being a School of Sanctuary. Learn more and register here.



Refugee Week’s Children and Young People’s Pack (coming at the end of May)

Sharing ideas of activities, resources, books and films that can be used to learn during Refugee Week. Will be available here.

Norfolk Schools of Sanctuary “A Day of Welcome” Teachers’ Guide

An easy, user-friendly guide outlining a variety of activities /resources pitched at different key stages. See here.

Red Cross Teaching about Refugees and Migration

Different activities and guided lesson plans to help teach about refugees and migration at different ages. Available here.

Twinkl’s Refugee Week Teaching Resources

A selection of PowerPoints, flashcards, assemblies and other resources to use in school for Refugee Week. Particularly aimed at primary. See here.

Oxfam’s The Giant Dolls’ House project

An activity with associated resources to help students consider the importance of a home and what home means to them. For more information, see here.

Across Cultures’ Refugee Week Flashcards

Image-based resources for learners who are new to English outlining different reasons why people may become a refugee and how to recognise Refugee Week. Available here and here.

Welcome a Refugee Speaker to your School (NaTakallam)

Sign up to bring a trained refugee speaker to your school virtually through NaTakallam’s (‘we speak’ in Arabic) schools’ programme. Learn more here and sign up here.

Bradford Schools of Sanctuary Refugee Week Resource Pack

Some events and opportunities particularly aimed at Bradford Schools but also suggestions of nice resources and activities that can be used by all schools to recognise Refugee Week. Access here.

Choose Love’s Refugee Week Resource Pack

Different activity suggestions, book recommendations and other ideas for students to take part in this Refugee Week. Available here.