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Welcome, Listening and Learning

During Refugee Week, Allens Croft Primary School in Birmingham welcomed a guest speaker with lived experience of seeking sanctuary in the UK. There she was welcomed by 60 Year 5 students who were poised to interview their visiting Expert by Experience and learn more about one person’s experience of seeking sanctuary in the UK.

Class teacher, Melissa Holloway, had listened to the guest speaker last year with a Year 6 class and knew the children would get frank and honest answers to their questions:

“Being able to hear the story first-hand gives it a sense of gravity and helps the children to empathise with those who have had a hard struggle.”

Afterwards some of the children said:

“I have never had the chance to speak to a refugee before and listening is important because it helps you understand their struggles.”

“It touched our hearts when she told us she was taken in front of her kids. Her son was about the same age as us.”