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City of Sanctuary Sheffield: Homeschool Support Project 

Many people in the local community have rallied round in all sorts of ways during this corona virus crisis. For example, locals – and good hearted people from wider afield – have donated generously to the City of Sanctuary Sheffield project to enable children in asylum seeking families to be included, connected and supported during the Covid-19 pandemic; the idea was to make it possible for them do the work set by teachers during these difficult days – and beyond. The Homeschool Support Project is providing laptops, data, telephone IT support, as well as additional homeschooling materials, to families seeking sanctuary.
So far, these are the outcomes:
 80 laptops delivered supporting 192 children
 240 months of data provided
 100s of additional homeschool support materials delivered (‘goody bags’ of readers, non-fiction books, exam text books, pens, colouring books etc – all from local donations)
 ALL asylum seeking families with school age children in Sheffield and Doncaster supported
The work’s not over. City of Sanctuary Sheffield will continue to support families with data provision (asylum houses have no wifi access) and other educational materials, as well as carrying on essential work to meet the wider needs of people who are trying to begin their lives afresh here.  A huge thank you to everyone who helped and please continue to support City of Sanctuary and
the rights of people seeking asylum.